Golden Productions Presents The Music Man Jr.

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What people say about our productions…

  • My daughter has participated in the school play the past 4 years and has absolutely loved it. She has truly enjoyed having the opportunity to perform on the stage and has created so many wonderful memories with her classmates each year.

    Heather Mulkey
  • The annual play production at Golden Elementary is a delightful experience for both the students who participate and its audience members. Watching my students perform is incredibly rewarding because they are so joyful while they are singing and dancing. My favorite part is when they “secretly” wave to me while they are onstage! I even get a little teary when I see students that I had in years past—to see how they have grown and matured is amazing. We are fortunate to have the parent support that makes this endeavor possible. I love to go every year!

    Mrs. Rago
  • Every year the school play is awesome. It’s fun doing it with my friends. I always want to participate in them!

    Izan Hsu
  • We are so, so grateful that Golden has partnered up with such a professional, creative and talented studio like Stagelight Family Productions so they have The Best exposure and opportunity to learn and participate in musical theater and performing arts. These are lifelong skills that will help them no matter what they do and where they go! Our kids have so enjoyed their experience with Golden’s musicals every year!! THANK YOU!!

    Anita Lee